29 March 2013

Outside the Box - Card Maker

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Happy Friday!  Bit of a sad day for me... it's my last official post over at the Card Maker blog.  It's been a wonderful run and I am so grateful that Brooke and Tanya gave me the opportunity.  The team is fantastic and I have give a big thanks to them too!

Since it's the last one I decide to do two cards for the 'Outside the Box', both inspired by two wonderful and talented ladies I met at CHA in January. The first one is inspired by Kimber McGray.

The second one is inspired by Kimberly Crawford.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I always appreciate the comments.  
Hope you are having a great week.
Take care,


  1. Off to see your last post. I have loved all your inspiring ideas!!

  2. awesome..off to check it out..

  3. Off to check out your last post. :( You have done such an amazing job with CardMaker!

  4. Too bad you're leaving CardMaker -- but you're heading out with two terrific cards!


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