31 December 2011

2011 Cards - A Year in Review

Thanks to Tenia, I discovered that Karin was doing a Year in Review blog hop.  Thought I would play along... just for fun...

Here's some of faves of mine this year:

January - Hello
(love it because it's RED)

February - Missing You
(love it because it made me realize I really like orange and pink together even though I really don't like pink)

(that was an ugly month, this is the only one I really liked... looking back, it wasn't a fabulous time creatively!  LOL)

March - hello
(love it because it's crisp, bold and graphic)

April - simplicity
(love it because it's simple and fun)

May - Just a Note
(love it because it's rainbow)

June - thinking of you
(love it because it I didn't realize I would love this colour combo)

July - simply *wicked* ocean
(love it because I love the ocean)

August - Warm Thoughts
(love it because it's one of my favourite colour combos)

September - Be Funky
(love it because that owl is so cute and funky)

October - Love this Life
(love it because it has so many bright colours on it)

November - What's Shakin?
(love it because I love martinis)

December - Thanks so much
(love it because... well just because)

ETA - OK, so I knew I had a thing for buttons this year... but didn't realize how obvious it was... 10 out of these 12 cards have buttons on them!

This was a lot of fun... thanks to Karin for hosting!  Be sure to check it out and give all the participants some love!
Happy New Year to all!


  1. Great stuff! Love the martini card!

  2. Wow, love the progression of your cards through the year. So hard to pick our faves right? Love this Life and What's Shaken'? top my list! Happy New Year!

  3. Love your style! Great cards! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  4. New follower! Great cards - love the different color combinations. The owl is too cute!

  5. Great cards Glenda. I think Miss April is my fav. See you in 2012!

  6. Awesome cards dearie!!! Happy 2012!!!

  7. well I was going to pick a fav or two but I like them all so much I can't!

  8. Beautiful card creations! Thanks for sharing them! Happy New Year!

  9. Fabulous cards!
    A great creative year! :)
    Happy New Year!

  10. wow what a great showcase of your amazing cards...

    Happy New Year..

  11. Great cards! Especially love the January Hello one, and the "wicked" ocean one!

  12. Love the review! My favies were May and October! Happy new year my friend!

  13. Oh, it sure is fun to see your year's worth of beauty all lined up in one place. Thanks. ~ Rose

  14. These are gorgeous!! Very nice to see them all lined up here, fabulous inspiration! Love it!
    Wishing you a wonderful new year!
    Hugs, Wendy

  15. Love your cards!! funny what you notice about your style when you look at your projects over a span of time, isn't it?? i love buttons too;) happy new year!

  16. The buttons look wonderful on each one! Great line up and I'm a martini fan too :) Thanks so much for linking up to my blog and happy new year!

  17. Beautiful cards! I love your style--very clean and fresh with experiments with texture! I hope 2012 is wonderful!

  18. These are all so gorgeous! I love how you used the cork on your April card. Thank you for sharing!

    Wishing you a year of health, happiness and creativity! Happy New Year!

  19. Love that cork flower and the happy little rick-rack design ... fabulous collection of cards.

  20. A delightful post, Glenda! It was fun peeking at all of your favorites from this year. I love buttons, too!!!

  21. You have got CAS nailed! Beautiful cards! I think I like August the best. :)


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