26 October 2009

It's going to be late but for a really good reason...

First off.. please check my class schedule. I am doing some calendar classes in November and December and my techniques class at Scrappers' Anonymous has been rescheduled until November 7th.

My challenge is going to be late... probably tomorrow...

Why might that be? Cause I was having a blast in Seattle with all my A Muse girls. We had blast. Here are a few photos...

At the shop....
My roomie and favourite tall (can I say Amazon?) and spunky girl Sherry:

Another roomie and my favourite fashionista, Cherion (so happy we finally got to meet):

Another roomie and my favourite southern belle, Beth (photo courtesy of Liz):

These two are just some of my favourite people, Jill and Heather...

My favourite music expert, Liz:

A bunch of really talented ladies (spunky Sherry, adorable Rhonda, amazing Julie, wonderful Donna, smiley Tracy, hilarious Lyndsay, and wicked Shurkus):
Ok... that's a few more than I planned....did I mention we had fun?
Must go...more soon... Glenda

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