03 May 2009

Glenda's Random Travel Challenge

Well, I know it's not Monday and I definitely don't have a card for you and I wasn't sure I would have internet access but I do. So I'm giving you a challenge to figure out where I am (sorry no prizes). In this country, two tectonic plates are moving away from each other at a rate of 2 cm per year and there is evidence of this at the earth's surface (as seen in this photo). There is also a spectacular waterfall close by (see below).

Must run... met three nice women from England today and we are heading out for supper soon. Better than eating by myself! Met three fun guys from Norway last night so I hung out with them during supper. Like my hubby Karl says, I'll talk to anybody!

Have a great week. I have to work tomorrow but can't complain cause I'm not in the office!



  1. Hmmmm, beautiful scenery! I say Nigara Fall, Canada. Have a great trip!!!

  2. Mmm...from the friends you met, I will guess you are in Iceland? Hope your trip is going well.

  3. Glenda, be careful what you say about Norwegians as I visit my friends there regularly, lol, (only joking). My friend live in the countryside where they are surrounded by rocks, water and woods. i love it. Maybe you could take a trip there sometime :o)

  4. i don't know where you are! but i'll talk to anybody too:) come on more hints.

  5. I know I know I know! ;)


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