31 December 2008

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2009!
Have a fun and safe evening and a relaxing day tomorrow. Stop by on Friday for a sneak peek at the new A Muse release for Valentine's Day. Also, send Allison some love for her new baby who is awaiting heart surgery.
Happy New Year - love to all - G

This picture is of all of the hand-made cards we received this year....
(from the back - left to right)
Jaclyn & Josh (cartoon card)- she is a graphic designer and her husband can draw cartoons so they combine their skills.
Brandy (tall green/red/silver) - newly introduced to stamping, her background is scrapbooking.
Michael (photo card)- Karl's mom's partner, an amazing photographer, calligrapher and former art teacher
Chris (purple)- stamper and my former little sis on SCS
Jackie (blue and white)- fabulous SCS-er sent me this Christmas Random Act of Kindness
Jamie (deck the halls kitty) - my most recent big sis from SCS, she spoiled me rotten. This is one of several Christmas cards I got from her
Deanne (red/brown/green tree) - my BFF and fellow stamping addict
Michelle C (blue and brown) - southern belle and fellow A Muse instructor
Liz (red and white penguins) - fellow A Muse instructor who made almost 200 handmade cards this year
Jenn (snowflake punched) - fellow A Muse instructor who included an adorable photo of her and her kitty Harley in her card. Thanks Jenn!
Jill (sparkly joy) - California girl and fellow A Muse instructor made this joyful sparkle card

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  1. Happy New Year Glenda!!!!!


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