28 October 2008

Where in the world am I?

Hi all - all - hee, hee - yes all of the handful of people who've seen my blog. In my defense, it hasn't been very well publicized. It was put up in a hurry and I haven't been home much to do anything and won't be until I get back from Seattle towards the middle of November.

So I am on the road for work (I won't get into my real job at the moment) and things are going well so far. Here's a few clues - the population is approximately 1.3 billion (in comparison, Canada is 33 million) and the area is about 9.6 million square kilometres (Canada is about 10 million square kilometres). Any idea? Here is another clue (that's me in the middle)...

The characters on the building should give away the continent anyway... I'm in China. Right now I'm in Guangzhou (in the south near Hong Kong) and will be in Beijing on Friday. Guangzhou is tropical, Beijing is temperate (like home - the west coast of Canada) so packed way too many clothes. Have a bit of spare time in Beijing so will be looking around. One cool thing is that a friend of a friend works in Beijing (she's Canadian) and will meet up with her on the weekend. The only thing that would make this trip even better is if my boy Karl was here with me, he's always wanted to visit China. Miss ya' babe - wish you were here.

Here's a couple of more photos from Guangzhou. The flowers on the trees behind me are the flower of Hong Kong - Bauhinia x blakeana. They are called the Hong Kong Orchid but are not real orchids, they are actually a member of the pea family. Gardening and photography two of my other hobbies so I tend to have a lot of photos of plants...

Probably won't post again until I get home. I promise I'll have a card to share as well as some photos from Beijing.

Take care and have a great day,


  1. I'm so envious--what a beautiful place! Enjoy your time there, Glenda! It'll be over way too fast!

  2. WOW! What an amazing trip of a lifetime! My hubby would LOVE to go to China. Enjoy your trip!!!

  3. COOL!!!!! Love your blog so far!!!! You'll get the hang of it soon enough!!!


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