01 July 2013

Where I live...

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I had grandios notions of writing some inspirational and eloquent post about Canada for Canada Day.  Well, time and life conspired against me so I'm writing 'off-the-cuff' here.  It will be brief and somewhat lacking in eloquence.

I love travelling and have been fortunate to travel quite a bit... but I am honoured to call this country home.  To me, this amazing country means wide open spaces, big skies, beautiful scenery, amazing people, freedoms and luxuries that many people in this world don't have.  Democratic elections, clean water, clean air, social programs...   Things are not perfect as our federal government doesn't seem to want to listen to us very often and has some archaic ideas about appropriate expenditures, transparency, the environment and freedom of speech for government scientists (just to name a few).  However, that aside, I consider myself fortunate... I have job, a roof over my head, warmth during the cool months, access to high quality food (some of it grow within a few kilometres of where I live), the right to vote, access to education and health care, the right to believe (or not to believe) whatever I wish, freedom to speak my mind, the right to love whomever I wish.  I hope to live in another country someday... just for a little while, just for fun, just to experience somewhere else... but I will always come back here as it will always be home.

A little story to finish off... my first time overseas was to Europe in 2003.  It was my last night and I was sitting in a funky little restaurant in Zürich, Switzerland.  It was a popular place so the only spot open was at the bar.  I tried to speak my rudimentary German to the bartender but she quickly realized that her English was way better than my German.  She asked me where I was from and when I said "Canada" she gasped with delight and said "Can I come home with you? I've always wanted to go there.  I've heard it's beautiful."  I giggled and agreed whole-heartedly.  We had a lovely chat and it was a delightful last evening of my two week trip.  I have remembered that story because of how wonderful it made me feel... it made me realize how proud I was to be from Canada and how much I love my country.

Ok, so, that wasn't as short as I planned but to sum it all up... I think I'm pretty damn lucky to live where I live (but I will always travel to remind myself how good we have it here).  Events of late have reminded me to grateful for every thing and every moment... and I try to remember that every day.

The beach a few kilometres from our house (which we don't go to nearly enough!).

Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadians.  We are so fortunate.


  1. We are fortunate indeed. Beautifully said my friend :) Happy Canada Day from the "other" coast! :D

  2. Heartfelt and so true. Happy (belated) Canada Day, Glenda!

  3. We truly are very lucky! Happy Canada Day to you too, Glenda :D

  4. Beautiful post, Glenda! Happy belated Canada Day to you. I hope you're having a fabulous time down south!

  5. I love your post - and your lovely rocky beach with drift wood :)


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