17 April 2013

Run & triumph

Welcome.  I am going to digress from crafting for a moment. Last Friday, I asked people to leave 'a random fact' about themselves in the comments section.  This was one of them..

So, when the bombs exploded in Boston yesterday, I thought of this comment.  I don't know Karen and I have no way of contacting her but I do hope she is ok...  I've been thinking of her a lot.  Some of you may know that I'm a bit of a runner.  I do short distances (5 to 10 km) and have a fabulous running group (the 'Divas') that gets me out of bed early on Saturday mornings.  Sending a big hug out to my Divas today... and all runners. I know how triumphant a feeling it is to finish a run, what a sense of a accomplishment it is. To have such a horrible thing happen to take that feeling away from so many people, from all over the world... it makes my heart ache.  Fortunately, none of my running friends were there and none of my Bostonian friends were either... but my heart goes out to all those who were impacted by this shocking event. I'm happy to hear of all the kind gestures that brought people together afterwards. I'm happy to hear that upcoming runs here and around the world will continue as scheduled. To run and triumph in the face of adversity. 

ETA:  Karen did post a comment that she is ok (see comment below).  Thanks Karen!  So happy you stopped in and that all is well with you.

ETA: I did have a video tutorial up earlier today but had some technical issues.  It will be up again sometime in the near future!  My apologies.

Have a great day.
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  1. This looks like a very cool tool! I had never heard of it until now, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I hope you hear from Karen.

  2. well I really wanted to watch your video but it just did not work for me.. Will try again later.. I really want to see this.. I have heard about this cool tool..

  3. Yikes. The world is a scary place sometimes. I love that many of the runners ceremoniously ran part of the course yesterday.

  4. Oh it has been a scary couple of days....I pray Karen is okay and pops back in. I am a beginner runner, still haven't tackled the 5 K, but trying to build up courage to try :) Great to see you in blog land and will check out your tutorial later....

  5. Hey, it's Karen. I just remembered I left that comment and thought I should leave another comment to let you know I'm ok. I did run the marathon but was fortunate enough to have finished about 25 minutes before the blasts and was safely down the street. Was a scary afternoon/evening, trying to find out if all my friends were safe and hoping there would not be any further incidents. My heart goes out to those who were injured and to the families of the victims.

  6. Oh Karen, so glad you posted to let us know you are okay. That tragedy in Boston hit us all, even those of us who were not there or didn't know anyone involved. I have been feeling so grateful that my loved ones are safe and that I am healthy when so many have been touched by the terrible events.


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