31 December 2012

40 Random Things

{Card created by Alli Miles}

Now for something a little different... a personal post.  I do keep them few and far between, just to try and maintain a bit of privacy (a difficult thing in this day and age).  However, I was recently inspired by a post by my friend Gillian,  "45 Years, 45 Things".  I turned 40 this year and it was easier than I thought.  It really is all about attitude.

Today is traditionally a day to reflect.  So, on this last day of 2012, the year I turned 40.... here are 40 random things about me.

1. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan.  Still miss the big sky and raucous storms, but not the cold and the mosquitoes.
2. Love strawberries.
3. Bananas make me want to puke.
4. I’ll take potato chips over chocolate any day.
5. The only bone I've ever broken is my toe.
6. I've always been a science geek.
7. I was never a cool kid in school.  Might have something to do with getting glasses and braces when I was 10.  Also might have something to do with #6.
8. My career aspiration out of high school was to be a physiotherapist.  Never got accepted to the program.
9. I love travelling and have been to more than 20 countries.
10. Living in another country is on my ‘to-do’ list.
11. I search out local brew pubs when I travel because I love a great craft beer.
12. I also love a gin martini.  Shaken, not stirred, with a twist. (There is a chemical reaction which makes shaken martinis taste colder/better than stirred martinis...  see #6).
13. Getting old doesn’t scare me.  Being unable to move scares me.
14. I am very social and have an amazing bunch of friends.
15. I despise being cold.  I could live in the tropics (why don't I?).
16. I run because it keeps me in shape and I have a great group of friends to run with. I find it a constant challenge though, it rarely gets easier.
17. I love doing yoga.  It's the best way to clear my brain.
18. I would love to be a performer in Cirque du Soleil.
19. I have never wanted children.
20. I love my nieces and nephews and my partner Karl’s two sons… with all my heart.
21. Karl and I are crazy about each other but aren't married because we’ve both done it before, we own a house together, we aren’t having kids and I’m not changing my name.
22. I love that my parents have been married for almost 50 years.
23. I don’t like housecleaning.  
24. I would love to go to space.
25. I wanted to start my Masters degree before I turned 40.  I didn't but it is still on my ‘to-do’ list.
26. I have more than one tattoo.  I likely won’t get another.
27. I love reading.
28. I know how to play the piano, flute and tenor saxophone.
29. I love listening to music…anything but country & western.
30. I have three siblings and we’ve only been all together once in the last 20 years, due to life and distance.
31. Mornings are not my friend but coffee is.
32. Card making is the craft I’ve stuck with the longest.  I love it.
33. I am an ex-smoker.  Smoking was only ever a social thing for me so it didn't last long and wasn't hard to quit.
34. I don’t fear public speaking… anymore.
35. I don’t colour my hair... anymore.
36. I fear humans will destroy the earth through war and decimating the environment.
37. I love the ocean and the cool creatures in it.  Would love to swim with a whale shark some day.
38. I am not a religious person but respect people’s right to believe what they want to believe.
39. I would like to be fluent in another language.
40. I am pretty happy with my life right now.

{Karl and I on my 40th Birthday}

Thank you so much Gillian for the great idea.  This was a lot of fun.  Gillian is a true inspiration to me and I consider myself fortunate to call her a good friend (see #25 in her post).

Now, will you share one random thing about yourself?  Please and thank you?

Thanks so much for stopping by.  All the best to you, your family and friends for 2013.


  1. What a fun post! It was great to learn a little more about you. One random thing about me. I would like to write a children's book.

  2. i.love.it.
    such a fun post...so fun to read aboutcha...I chuckled about #21, I've told Darin that I'm never changing my name..ever..again...

    1. Yep. It's a pain to change and then change back. Never.again. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happy Birthday Glenda! So fun getting to know you better! I will share that I am somewhat clumsy and have broken my left arm/wrist on 3 separate occasions- mostly trying to stop myself from falling. :o)

    1. Thanks! My bd was actually in the summer. I too am clumsy so it's a wonder I haven't broken more. Sorry about your breaks.

  4. aww what a fun post.. I love potato chips over chocolate too..hehe..

    Happy New Years Eve

    1. I thought I was the only one! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the post and that many things true to you are also true to me - including one you left out (that is true for me and I'm pretty sure is true to you): I want to get close enough to lava to feel slightly threatened for my safety.

  6. Super fun. One random thing? Hmm...I overshare so this will be hard. I think I am in a perpetual disquiet. Wherever I am, I always want to be somewhere else (except San Fran this summer sans enfants...that was awesome).

  7. Awesome post. I even learned some new things about you :) Great pix of you and Karl, have a VERY Happy New Year!

  8. Love this post! I also prefer Doritos to chocolate any day!! Hugs to you my friend and can't wait to see you in 11 short days!!! Mwah!!

  9. Glenda, welcome to being 40--it gives you more opportunities to laugh at yourself. At 50 I am simply hilarious. My random is that I color my hair and will continue to do so since I dislike my grey hair.

    Happy New Years.

  10. Awesome post, Glenda! One random thing about me? I wish I were going to CHA to meet you. :D I wish I hadn't been so sick and broken a rib this month. Have an amazing New Year!

  11. Random thought about me: I have been a pianist for 40+ of my 50+ years but now I think I love creating with papercrafts more! LOVE your blog!

  12. This is a fun post! I'm inspired to make a list as well!

  13. First, Alli's card looks beautiful. Second, I love your list--you are such a fabulous person for being so open and sharing more about yourself. :) One random thing...I agree with your #15 (despise the cold).

  14. Great post, so nice to get to know you better. I am so with you on the salty over chocolate thing...fresh baked bread tops them all!

  15. Happy New Year! Thanks for letting us play along!

  16. Love this fabulous post, Glenda. So fun to get to know a bit more about you!

    I'm with you on #19. My hounds are all the children I need!

  17. Thanks for this fun post, Glenda -- I learned lots more about you! Here's a REALLY random thing about me... too much cheese gives me the hiccups. Family trait. :D

  18. WOW! I love getting to know more about you, Glenda! I don't like to clean the house either! LOL!

  19. Great post, love the whole list! One random thing about me is, that I hate the snow and cold, if my feet are cold I can't fall asleep!

  20. #10 Start planning Glenda!!
    #35 Really?! I hate that your natural colour is so great!!

    Great list! And thanks for the shout out!

  21. Wonderful post Glenda. So nice to get to know you more. TFS

  22. This was such a fun post to read, Glenda! I think you and I would be great friends IRL. :) Happy New Year!!!

  23. Oh! And one random thing about me: I'm a life-long nail-biter. Don't know why, but I am!

  24. Glenda, I LOVE this! I'll be 38 in 2014 and am working hard to lose a LOT of weight...I want to be 40 and FABulous!!! Do you still live in Canada? I was born in Ontario but have lived in NB for all but two of my years on Earth :)


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