01 February 2010

Ok so...

... I know you are expecting me to announce the blog candy winner and have another challenge. Change of plans...I had a bit of a tough weekend so inspiration for another challenge was not forthcoming. Got laid off from my job of eight years on Friday. I didn't fit in with the corporate realignment plan. I've had fantastic support from Karl, my family and friends - I'm a lucky girl. Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net Doing ok and enjoying a bit of down time before I hit the job postings. I have a good network here so I'm sure I'll have a fabulous new job in no time!

I do have a smile on my face today because I got this fabulous card from my great friend Jill. She has perfect timing! Thanks sooo much Jill.

So today I am doing another card for last week's challenge and giving you another week to participate in the challenge for blog candy! See here for details! Keep in mind that you need to put a link back to the original post when you upload it to SCS or your blog! The new deadline is Sunday February 7th at 11:59 Pacific time.

This is a clean and simple card combined with the February A Muse Lounge Challenge. I have a really hard time putting pink and red together (really love red, really don't love pink) so I thought I would give it a try. It's a variation of a card I put together a couple of week's ago. What do you think?

Also, it is February and time for a calendar picture. I have a confession - my name is Glenda and I am addicted to making calendars. Here is yet another calendar. I needed a daytimer one so threw this together a couple of weeks ago. Just before the end of January...

Have a great week. Hope you get a chance to be crafty. I have a busy week full of UVic Alumni events (I am president of the BOD - ;) ) but I'm sure I'll have time to be crafty sometime in there... with all my free time!


Card details:
Stamps: A Muse Spiral Daisy, Sakura, Astro flower and Life is Good
Paper: White note card
Ink: Memento Rhubarb Stalk, SU! Regal Rose and Brilliance Coffee Bean
Accessories: A Muse white pearls and white sheer ribbon

Calendar details:
Stamps: A Muse Love Shack, Tiny Heart and Tiny Cupcake
Paper: A Muse Kitchen Red and Apple Shimmer Couture
Ink: A Muse black dye ink
Accessories: A Muse black sheer ribbon and heart twinkle stickers, Copic Lipstick Red R29


  1. I LOVE your card. Great design. Keep that positive energy up - great things are in store for you ;)

  2. Both of these are fabulous, Glenda! You cracked me up with your calendar addiction confession. :) I hope you find the perfect job for yourself. Enjoy your down time while you can!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your job. It is easy to offer platitudes, but I do love this quote:
    "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."
    -- Albert Camus
    Best wishes for an early summer!

  4. I love your card! You did a great job with the challenge! And your calendar page is adorable too! Thanks for playing along! :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your other job. I sometimes forget that you do something besides make beautiful things! I hope you enjoy this unexpected holiday as I am sure you will be snapped up by a smart employer soon :0)

    Take care,

  6. Hey Glenda, sorry to hear about the layoff. HO's are a pain in the arse. Something will come along and make you even happier. Still looking forward to our class in Nanaimo.


  7. So cute, Glenda!


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