12 November 2008

Had a blast!

Had a great time in Seattle. Love meeting all the A Muse Team - a fabulous bunch of wonderfully creative women. It would take me forever to describe the whole weekend but I learned so much and definitely made some new friends. Thanks to everyone at A Muse for pulling together a fun and informative weekend. Thanks to my fabulous roomies (from left to right) - Jen A, Beth, (me), and Sherry. It was great to see Julie again and to meet Linda and all the fabulous women who keep things running at A Muse.

Sherry and I were goofing off a bit on the way back from lunch on Friday.... you can find the opposing picture to this one on Sherry's blog:

Another great part of the weekend was that Karl came down to spend the last of the weekend with me, after all the A Muse festivities had wrapped up.

And no trip to Seattle is complete without a picture of the Space Needle (and no - I didn't take a picture of Starbucks - there's enough of them around here).

Hope to get some stamping done this weekend. I have a bunch of new A Muse stuff to play with.

Have a great day...G


  1. Love the pictures you got, too funny, I love the one of us roomies! I'm waiting for my box to get here, then I'll be stamping too! sherry

  2. You got some great photos! I love the one of you and Sherry taking photos of each other taking photos!

  3. Great post Glenda! Miss all the A Muse gals already!

  4. FUN!!!! I have never been to Seattle!!! Will have to make that a goal of mine in the near future!!!!!


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