22 October 2008

Starting a blog... yikes!

Well, here I go into the scary world of blogging... who would have thought? My beloved Karl, that's for sure. I'm an email junky so he figures blogging is a natural extension...

My main reason for this is to announce and promote my new status as an A Muse Artstamps Instructor!!! I am so excited as I've been wanting to make my stamping addiction more a part of my everyday life. I will be attending the training event in Seattle... should be a blast. Thanks to everyone at A Muse
(especially Linda and Julie). I'm honoured to be a part of the Creative Team! I'd also like to thank my boy, Karl, for putting up with my addiction. He also came up with my blog title. Thanks!!!


  1. Oh Yeah! Your blog is rockin'. welcome to the amuse team!
    sherry c

  2. Welcome to the A Muse team! Love your title!!!

  3. Yay Glenda! Welcome to the team! See you in Seattle. :)

  4. So happy for you..Congratulations! What an exciting adventure.....good luck!


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