15 September 2009

A Muse 2010 Calendar Project

I'm really excited as this is my first A Muse calendar project Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net.  A Muse does a calendar project with the proceeds going to charity.  This year's charity is Water 1st.  Check out the A Muse News for all the details and links to some projects from the other Muses!

So here are some sneaks from my calendar... you will see the rest as the year goes along.  I'm hoping to schedule some calendar classes... will keep you posted on that.  It was so fun to do this... will definitely be doing more.

So because it is September now, I'll show you this one...

Since my boy Karl's birthday is in February, I'll show you this one...
And finally, my birthday is in July so I'll show you this one...

Now click over to A Muse and get yourself one of these great calendars to play with and support a fabulous cause!


  1. YAY, can't wait to get it!!! Glenda, they are super cute.

  2. I love your pages Glenda!! :)

  3. This is so darling, Glenda! Anne Ryan

  4. Oohh, such beautiful calendar pages Glenda!! Lovely ribbons!! :o)

  5. Very fun! We did think alike on September! I like your blowing leaves!

  6. simply adorbale Glenda! Maybe I will HAVE to get one of these calendars:)


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